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I guess that being awake from 4.30am i figured i might as well update my journal.

What am i doing? Well im still trying to update uncommunicative as i hate it. But im busy with other things so i havent the time yet. I got an idea for it though that is super sweet.

I am working on a triptich of new canvases. My first canvas work since our exhibition ended in June. Im sending one to a charity exhibition in Manchester, one is going to a friend in Japan, and one is going to my sister. I will take some scans when they are done. I've employed a new technique to get what i want out of them this time.

In other news one of my editorial illustrations from 2004… is going into an exhibition in colaboration with Design Week. In celabration of 20 years of Design Week they are holding an exhibition of 20 magnifed covers from over the years and my one made it into the last 20. Woo hoo. Thats going to be shown at the Colinsby Gallery off Goodge Street in London from the 4th of October. If they sell it i get the dough and if not i get to keep it at giant A2 size (i cant work that out in inches until i get to the studio so maybe i'll update you americans on that one) in a frame etc. So thats nice.

Also at the moment the my painting collective Primer is involved in painting an entire re-cycled bar for the furniture and design expo 100% East. We are in the location every day until Thursday using our massive stensils and getting spray paint everywhere. At the moment we are covering an 8 foot by 8 foot by 8 foot cube (the bar) and four larbe cube seats with out works. I will take some snaps when i can over the next few days. I should have set up a time laps camera but i forgot in the excitement.

And at the weekend we have two days to paint a large gallery window (around 40 foot by 7 foot) with posca pens on the theme of 'public space' for an exhibition that opens next Thursday. It will be similar to our stuff we did at the Tate Modern… only this time it is planned out better and will be up for six weeks and the new gallery in Spitalfields, London. (Nr Liverpool street). That exhibition is starting from Thursday the 28th of September and running for six weeks.

So thats that. Apart from that i'm bored and have insomnia.

piratejack Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
jawa you rock man. that sounds like a lot of fun
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September 18, 2006